Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Food For Thought

Today I came across a newspaper article. It describes the launch of "Mari Membaca 1Malaysia" programme (Lets read 1 Malaysia) at our National Library.

I felt happy for Malaysia to create various initiatives to make Malaysians read although the effectiveness of these campaigns are still questionable. However, it all come to an end when our Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said:

"It is good that people are going online to read but we must balance it out with book reading habits because we don't want our younger generation to be slaves to the computer monitor. Every three hours of computer usage should be balanced out with an hour of reading books."

Furthermore, he commented that his ministry was stepping up efforts to balance computer literacy and book reading habits as "the personal computer has become a competitor in the conventional knowledge seeking process".

I thought the US/Europe called this "digitization of information" as a result of modernization. And what the heck about balancing computer usage with reading for? I wouldn't mind if he says sports!

The original article can be found here.

Monday, October 26, 2009


For this week, I have spent more time on the bird as well as a quick sketch of a new horse. Still quite a bit more to go to improve on my sketching.

Is this better than previous week?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

18/10/2009 - Bird

Trying to put my act together by doing some detailed sketching. In my opinion, its the best way to return myself to the level I was before. Detailed sketching needs patience, soft hands and proper skills because the more lines I apply on a drawing, the harder it is for me to continue. Because of work, I really neglected my drawings. Its quite evident from below that I have become rusty.

Still, it looks like a bird, doesn't it?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Drawings...


Haven't posted in months.....need to start a fresh now....



Screaming man

Will continue to post more :)

will start updating soon


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The day i lost my 'soul'

Hey guys, sorry for my late posting. A lot has happened recently and I will be narrating to you one by one (if nothing big happens in the next few days) For starters, I've lost 2 of my close relatives within a month of each, both held their wake at the same place at different times. Sometimes, you do wonder whether you have reached a stage where life does not give you things as readily as it would, and has start taking things away from you. Then again, this topic deserves a whole post on its own so I'm not talking about it right now.

First of all, apologies to Steven Foo for the late posting of our outing at Bukit Gasing. For HELP University College students, the annual Bukit Gasing trekathon is perhaps the most important sports event of the year, where throngs of college brats charged through a wildlife reserve up a stream and over a hill like mad-bulls/intoxicated rhinoes to our founder's house, Datuk Dr. Paul Chan's own residence. Winners kinda have the priviledge to have the first helpings on the buffet, served ever readily within his house compound.

At around 8.30a.m., all of us (approximately 120 of us) gathered around the foot of Bukit Gasing, in front of a small trail perhaps the width of the distance of both of your finger tips when spread out to your left and right. Sorry for the lack of photos at this point because I didn't bring it along with my jog as

i) The shock of my jog will permanently damage my camera
ii)I couldn't risk falling into a ravine together with it.

At the shout of Cindy, the facilitator that never runs in her own event, the boys stampeded into the tiny clearing of the reserve, half-sprinting-half-rolling down a small slope, rammed across a bridge, and started an uphill hike of about 50 degree. The girls started 5 minutes after us.

The reserve has many trails and one would encounter numerous forks on the way to the summit. Therefore it was essential for us to stay ahead of the pack from the very start as it gives us the chance to pull ahead and thus the luxury of twisting and turning the arrows indicative of the proper race line and leave your competitors their very own trail of misery.

The most notable element in the race is the muddy-and-yucky trail and protruding root buttresses. The former kept you always in the danger of a slip and the latter make accidental trips very much possible. After the bridge and the uphill climb (a relentless progress of 2 minutes), you have to tread rather precariously along the edge of a ravine before progressing downhill with a gradient that borders near to a vertical. A wrong footing and you can rest assured that small plants and trees will break your fall (and your back along the way). Its some kinda scene from Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Predator" albeit minus big trees and bigger biceps.

The steep winding trail will then lead you to eventually to another up and downhill motion before reaching a stream from which you trudge against it until the very end. From there on, it is another insanely hike uphill before going down again. If by chance, that you still happen to be alive and cheerful, you can opt to continue the remaining of the race by scaling the steepest 200 meters of the trekathon. The other option is to stay put which branches into 2 ending:

i) wait until HELP comes around with a stretcher...and...
ii) more likely, HELP goes home leaving you to party with the wild boars and mosquitoes.

To put a long story short, I was quite glad that I did finish the 1.5km trail within 21 minutes and in an acute stage oxygen-depletion and delirium. For the most part of my final ascension to the top, it was pure will power as well as pure awkwardness that my sole just flew off my Raebok. Water was handed to us and Datin was there to greet us. though one of my friends whom i duped to join had a more of an unconventional entrance to the road marking the end of the race. He dished out expletives in front of Datin!

Datuk's house. Too big for my camera.

My friend swore loudly as he walked slowly downhill after the race, right past Datin to the right! The exit for the race was located on the left side of the umbrella. It was a small jungle trail.

The day I lost my sole

The second half of the race. Gorging as much as i could take

The flying Dutchman

My friend earned her reward from Datin

My Datuk's cool security guards. All they need are sunglasses.

After the race, we had our lunch and prize presentation ceremony. The boy's race was won by a Dutch and the surprise was my classmate won the 'girls' category!

But now, smart guys like you would have asked how come there are photos attached to this posting when I did not bring it along with me to the top of the hill?

Well, 2 of my friends decided to take the road less taken by signing up at the foot of the hill, climbed on board in their car, waited for Cindy's signal and drove all the way to the top via more proper roads, leaving me to eat dust.

My friend on the left told me he didn't fall into the stream. Another 'dry' friend of mine is holding the camera.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Penang trip 19/9 - 21/9

There has been a lot of things going on for me lately, predominantly I'll be undergoing one of the vital shifts in life; from being a student to a full time working adult. New challenges are coming by and frankly things rarely get any more exciting. There are things to be brought forward, things to put behind, some in need of a shift of a higher gear and some simply to be forgotten. Life never stands still and with so much to think about, I made a trip to Penang for a small break together with my friends.

It was a more or less an impromptu trip but to tell the truth...nobody cared to plan. (Hahahahaha! ) We took the midnight bus from Puduraya on Friday and reached Penang's Sungai Nibong in the wee-hours of the morning of Saturday.

This sign greeted me at 4.30 in the morning

There were just 3 of us, and since we lack plan, soon we found one of us in dire situation:

But after awhile, me managed to check into a hotel. All of us are dog tired. The 三贱客 are:

Kuan Yong. Don't know why he has a cheeky smile. Wonders what he was reading...hmm....

Fei Zhai. This picture needs no further elaboration.

And me!

We rented a car and found us going places.

Views from the rooftop of the hotel:

I particularly like this picture and the way different-coloured roofs interplayed among one another

Interestingly we found Penangites are a bunch of cheeky people too as evident from the pictures below...

My personal favourite

Don't tell my mom that I've been here...

We even went to the beach and let the sound of waves and the wind to sort our problems out...

Wonders what tomorrow will bring?

Outlook bleak, thanks to Lehman Brothers

Of course, not all are extroverts. Some like to hide behind the bushes...

...until we went back to the hotel...

A Penang trip is not complete without Hokkien fare and so 3 empty barrels rounded up practically everything at the expense of their wallets.

First meal of the trip

Penang Char Kuey Teow. See the prawns? Its nearly half the plate!

My personal favourite. Frankly, half the oysters were gone before this picture was taken. And if you find the following photos to be unappetising and particularly small in servings, read this: THE CAMERA IS NO MATCH TO CHOPSTICKS! Many didn't even make it to the camera.

Reminds you of KFC advert where certain stuff are enlarged due to camera tricks, right? No. it was really THIS big!

Mee rebus

Yeah baby! I'll swim the English Channel for you any day!

So is the food good? Get the answer by looking at the expression of the guy on the left, below.

And like every proper trip that we've made (if any), there are always a note of seriousness to the things that we did...

Cheers everyone for making it home!